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Alpacalypse is an entirely accurate recreation of the 2012 apocalypse, pieced together through hundreds of hours of interviews and research. With stunning graphics and a true story, some are calling the game of the century.

In Alpacalypse, you take on the role of a lone survivor who for some reason has a really OP gun that can one-shot the evil Alpacas. Unfortunately, they really like to swarm you.

Survival Tip: Don't spam the reload button, you lose all of the bullets still in the gun when you reload.


  • Alpacas!
  • Slo-mo when you are low on health!
  • Semi-realistic reloading!
  • Infinitely spawning Alpacas!
  • Laggy and bugged gameplay!
  • Alpacas explode into pieces when killed!
  • Health pack! (It respawns!)
  • Bugged out AI that causes Alpacas to group together!
  • Alpacas respawn faster than ammo packs do!
  • Real time shadows!
  • Sound from Kevin MacLeod!
  • One heart-pounding level to explore!
  • No working Menu!
  • One glitchy weapon! (try looking at the sky!)
  • Survival game mode!
  • Controller support! (Including PS4 and more!)
  • Compelling and nonexistent story mode!
  • Incorrect collision on the outer edges of the map!
  • The only way to win is to survive until the game crashes!
  • A very small chance of future updates!


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Questions? Issues? Check me out on Twitter! @132435az

Special thanks to my friend TheMonkOfTime for the gun model.

Secret update!

-removed the developer console

*not much though.


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This version of Alpacalypse is compatable with Windows operating systems. 16 MB

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